• Authors, it's time to take control of your marketing.

    Describli helps you track and manage your sales and marketing, so you can get back to writing.

  • Get the tools you need to reach self-publishing success

    Describli gives you powerful tools to track your sales, reach your audience, and improve your marketing.

    Track book sales

    Experiment with your marketing strategy

    Understand your audience

  • Treat your book like a small business

    You have put hundreds of hours into writing a book that people will love. But do you have the tools you need to make sure that people find and buy it?


    Describli is here to help. We provide a suite of tools that help you run the business side of your writing. You can track your sales, get specific marketing recommendations, and experiment with new strategies.


    We are hard at work building the new Describli, and you will be able to try out the new tools soon! Sign up below to get exclusive updates on the launch. If you want to write on our current writing community head here.

  • Tools to simplify sales and marketing

    Keep track of everything in one place and get helpful marketing advice.

    Track your Sales

    See all your sales in one place

    Access all of your sales data in one easy location. You can break down your sales by source, format, title, and more.

    Create a Marketing Plan

    Be strategic about your outreach​

    Create a customized marketing plan based on your audience and genre. Then keep track of how all of your marketing campaigns are doing and get recommendations on how to improve.

    Understand your Audience

    Big data leads to big insights

    Get a big picture view of your audience, including demographics, interests, and where to find them online.

    Get Specific Recommendations for your Books

    Take control of your marketing​

    Get specific tips on how you can increase sales, based on data about your audience, genre, and books.

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