• Authors, it's time to take control

    Market your books using the power of data

  • Treat your Book Like a Business

    Sales and marketing tools for self-publishing success

    Track your sales across all sources and uncover trends

    Automate your marketing with a custom calendar, including social media and blog tasks

    Benchmark your sales against other authors in your genre

  • Big Data for Big Sales!

    Our future tools will give you powerful recommendations based on market and genre data

    Book Pricing

    Find the right price for your book based on format, genre, page length, and other factors.

    Marketing Experiments

    Put micro-budgets into ad campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords. We will show you which ones are most successful and where to put your marketing budget.

    Book Design A/B Testing

    Test different versions of your cover design, title, book blurb, and other book details and see which resonates with your audience.

  • Your Partner in Marketing Success

    Let's face it: self-publishing is hard work.


    Publishing your own book comes with huge amounts of creative freedom, the ability to make your own marketing decisions, and the chance for financial reward. But you don't necessarily have a team to help you with the business side of writing - things like sales, marketing, publicity, and social media.


    Describli is here to help.


    Describli uses the power of data and analytics to help you make smarter marketing decisions. Our suite of simple tools show you who is reading your books and how to reach more people like that in the future. You can also experiment with new marketing strategies and measure your results, so that you know what's working. It's like having a number-crunching assistant with endless time, a big budget, and impeccable social skills. Pretty great, right?

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